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    Changing Table Column Headings

    Audrey Wobst

      I have created a table in which there is a column for the target end date.  Tableau picked up on the date appropriately and I formatted it to be in the "Month YYYY" format.  However, this is forcing the column heading to read "Month, Year of..." rather than "target date."  The dimension reads "MYTarget End Date."  How do I change the headingin my table to just "Target End Date" and remove the special formatting caveat its automatically forcing?  I can't use the "change alias" option on a column heading in a table.  I would prefer to not have to reformat my data in excel

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Audrey,


          One way that this can be done is to create a calculated field to look like the following:


          datename('month',[Order Date]) + ' ' + str(year([Order Date]))


          And name the calculation whatever you'd like. However, it depends what this field is being used as, as this will no longer act like a date.


          Hope this helps!