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    New Edit Alias Value Not Publishing?

      Hey guys,


      I'm experiencing an issue where the new value that I enter using the Edit Alias option is not appearing when I publish the workbook - meaning the old field value still appears. 


      For example, I set up a table with.

      • Products field on the Rows shelf
      • Measure Names on the Columns shelf
      • Measure Values on the Text marks

      My measures are count of Consumers and then a Calculation of the Table Down then Across. 


      In the workbook, I am able to perform an edit alias on the column header of the calculation which previously read as "% of Total Products along Table (Down then Across)" and change it to "% of Products Consumed".  However, when I publish the workbook, the column header defaults back to its original name "% of Total Products along Table (Down then Across)."


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the new alias name is not appearing when published but appears in the workbook?