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    Custom Date Range Parameter

    Jason Strimpel



      I have historic month-end data beginning June 30, 2010. Each element is dated with the last day of the given month. I've created a custom date range parameter with a minimum of 6/30/2010 to correspond with the first dated element in my table. Every month, a new cut of data is added to the table with that month's last day as the date (i.e. last cut was 2/29/2012).


      In the Create or Edit parameter box, when I select (check) the maximum field and select a date, I have the ability to use a slider or compact styles in the control which in conjunction with setting the display format to "mmmm yyyy" forces the user the select only the dates that exist. However, when I deslect the maximum checkbox, I have a date picker which poses the problem of the user selecting a date that does not exist in the table (i.e. if the user selects 2/16/2012, but only 2/29/2012 exists). I do not want to have to adjust the maximum date every time the data refreshes.


      Is there a way to leave the maximum deselected so that the user cannot pick a random date but have the maximum be the last date found in the table?