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    Tableau Server Question

    Milind Jog

      Tableau server is installed on a windows server which has two partitions. The first partition has the server(engine) and it also holds the workbooks and extracts. Is there a way to instruct Tableau to store workbooks and extracts on both the partitions?

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          Unless something has changed in the last 6 months (and I don't think it did), there is no way to do this. Server's data is stored wherever the server is installed.

          If you want to separate OS etc. from Tableau Server, then you can install server onto the other partition.

          If you want to duplicate data for backup, Tableau Server has built-in backup functionality that would work better than simple duplication, because you can easily restore your data using that functionality, while I am not sure if simply copying duplicated data back will work.

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            Milind Jog

            Appreciate your help and Thanks for your prompt response but may be I am missing something here. The problem that we are facing is that we are running out of space on the partition which holds tableau server (workbooks are within the tableau engine) so the question then is what do I need to do take advantage of the second partition so that I can store more workbooks/extracts.

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              Unfortunately, Tableau Server can have only one place to store data - where it was installed.

              I see two options for you:

              1. Use special software to re-partition the drive without disturbing any of the installed applications and move free space from one partition to the other
              2. Follow steps described in this thread About Data Extracts on Tableau Server. to move you server and data to a larger partition
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                Milind Jog

                Many thanks for your response. Unfortunately not the answer I was looking for but then you have no other options. We have not reached a critical point as yet but was asking the question in anticipation. Will follow the instructions as suggested by you.