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    A unique approach to Tableau Training

    Larry Keller

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      We are VIA.....Visual Intelligence and Analysis.  We just published the 3rd edition of our Tableau Training Manual (7.0 compliant) which is more up to date than any resource.  The way we approach training is slightly different than most providers:


      1. We conduct a web based survey of the clients Tableau users to gain insight into their skills as they are today and other questions that help us fashion a custom approach
      2. After and NDA is signed, we like to get some client data examples so we can demonstrate lessons learned in the real world…..the client’s world
      3. We provide a follow up web session after the on-site training to reinforce the material that we cover
      4. Seven Tableau Packaged Workbooks complement the manual in a step by step narrative process
      5. We bring seven years of Tableau experience – we teach all the strong points and other issues that are not so obvious
      6. We embed best practices in data visualization as part of the process.  I have Spotfire running and other tools to show why Tableau is the best choice.


      Let me know if we can be of assistance.



      Larry Keller


      From Clutter to Clarity

      Larry Keller