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    Calculation evaluated BEFORE Filter

    Karl Jensen

      I have a bit of a complex issue that I cant seem to figure out how to get around.


      What I have is a trend chart across time.  What I want to do is create an action that when the user select a given month they see the the "group" that makes up that month.  That is easy.  The twist is.... what I want to display is the difference for the groups from the time prior to the time selected.  And if I were greedy, I want to show just the top 5 (n) groups that had the largest (positive or neg) difference.


      The problem I see is, I can calculate the difference between the current month and the previous month, but as soon as I run the Action for a selected month, the calculation no longer works because it is performed AFTER the data is returned rather than prior.


      Any thoughts?  attached is an example using the Sample Coffee Chain data.