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    Exporting to Excel

    Julia Hennelly

      When exporting a cross tab to excel either from desktop or server the last column in the cross tab does not show as a column but creates a column for each possible data value in the field.  See screen shot attached.  Is this how it is supposed to work?  If so any work around?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Julia,


          This is as designed. A crosstab is expected to have measures that can be summarized and since the view that is being exported has no measures, the farthest right dimension on the columns shelf if split into as many columns as there are unique entries for that dimension.


          There are a couple of workarounds. The first is to simply select all, copy and paste the data into Excel. A second option would be to have a dimension that has a single value at the far right. For example, create a calculated field that returns an empty string: (" ") and place this to the right of reason type.


          Hope this helps!