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    Full refresh of extract failing - Refresh job already exists in queue.

      I'm trying to do a refresh in Tableau Server and it is not working.

      Tableau Server gives me no visual indication of pass or fail, but looking at the Windows Event Logs, I see the following error message:


      2012-03-06 16:19:35,654_level=WARN_server=:_service=wgapp:_pid=_tid=_user=10_session=414083b27f1cb62df3c1cf033d13f3f8_request=T1Z-Zwq1FO4AAAnQAnUAAABN_context=multiselect_message=Full refresh job on workbook 'Downloads2' from project '1 - LIVE REPORTS - WHITELABEL' already exists in the queue and another instance cannot be added until it completes.


      I've restarted the machine and it still does not clear the queue.

      Can you please tell me what I need to do to fix this?




      - Marc