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    How do I compare contrasting data sets

    Christopher Henderson



      Here is the situation:


      I have a database of sales data which contains a list of accounts and products with product codes and their respective history. What I need to do is to look at certain products and see whether its contrasting product is influenced by increases or decreases in their respective sales.


      So for example - we sell two products - Product A and Product B - The natural assumption is that if I sell less of Product A I would sell more of Product B and visa versa.


      What I have is the sales database with all of the product codes, accounts, sales history etc, and an excel list of product codes and their contrasting or competitor product code. (Note - Not all products in the database will have a contrasting product). All these codes are contained within the database.


      Would anyone be able to provide some advice on how to do this?


      Many thanks