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    Last 90 Days

      I am attempting to create a calculated field that will return to me the last 90 days worth of a measure.


      I know that you can do this using the relative date dimension, however, if I rely on the relative date field, it limits me from putting different measures on the shelf that do not need the last 90 days field. 


      To clarify, I provide a weekly executive report that has several different measures with different time dimensions.


      For example:


      Last week installs

      Last week deinstalls

      Customers Not Serviced in more than 30 Days

      Stores with multiple stockouts in 90 days


      As you can see, there are 4 different measures here with 3 different time dimensions.


      I have figured out the rest of them by creating a calulated field, but am having trouble and need help with the 90 days calculation.



      Can anyone help????