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    Making sure datafeeds are feeding through in Tableau dashboards

      I recently refreshed data extracts in Tableau to make sure the most current data is feeding into Tableau.  During data QA, I found discrepancies between the raw data file and the data in the dashboard in terms of categorizations. Does the Tableau server need to be rebooted sometimes to ensure the datafeeds are making their way in the Tableau dashboards?  Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Russell Christopher

          HI Dora -


          Based on the settings on your server, you could be returning cached (and therefore potentially old) rows that Tableau Server is holding on to. If its critical that data in the dashboards is always "fresh" I'd use the the Tableau Server Configuration tool to configure your cache settings to something more appropriate.


          A reboot of the Tableau Server is essentially bringing down the VizQL processes of Tableau, which of course blows away  cache - its pretty much a heavy-handed way to expire the cache. What happens when you click the refresh button the the Tableau toolbar in a dashboard on Server? This should expire the cache and give you fresh results, too...