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    How to color coding multiple measures like a heatmap



      I've been trying to learn how to get something like a heat map but with multiple measure columns.  I found and studied some samples Joe gave in this thread: http://community.tableau.com/thread/113999 .   But since that thread is so old and doesn't have a subject line indicating i need help I thought I'd post a new discussion referencing that one, in order to get some help.  


      I posted a screenshot showing my attempt which seems like the colored bar is it's own cell rather than coloring the same cell as the label. I can't find the trick to making it like the one in Joe's sample.  Can anyone advise?  I can see in the multiple mark tab the trick involves setting up the axis to have fixed ends, but on the Custom SQL Example tab it doesn't have axis to apply that trick. 


      Thanks in advance!