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    MDX Calculations or Tableau Claculated Fields?

    Vladimir Patsionov

      Hi everyone! In our company, we use relational data source (SQL 2008 database) for our Tableau reports with a lot of calculated fields. In a future, we are going to implement SSAS cubes to provide better performance. But I am not sure about MDX calculations. That's what I mean. We can generate all Tableau calculated fields from our relational data source in OLAP cubes using MDX calculations. But MDX calculations are not processed during cube processing and not saved as aggregated numbers - they are calculated on the fly when you are browsing a cube. So I really want to understand what is the better way :


      1) Build cube with all MDX calculations according to Tableau calculated fields and then just connect to this cube in Tableau




      2) Make cube with all necessary fields but without MDX generated fields and make calculated fileds in Tableau, which will be based on a OLAP data source this time, but not on a relational data source ?