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    How to filter for top N and bottom N and the rest , based on a calculated field & the grand totals to be only for that top n

      I have searched and gotten how to do Top N and Bottom N within Category.. However, I can't do so for a calculated field. I have created a sample data. The data stucture is as follows..

      name   contribution($)  class(1/2/3)   classtotal(1/2/3-sum of contributions)   total(class-1+2+3) 

      I have created a calculated field contribution % as conntribution/class-total

      Here is so far what I have accomplished:

      1. Sorted the data based on contribution.
      2. Created a calculated field (i.e. Rank) to get the Top N within a category. However I am unable to sort it against a calculated field. I am only able to sort it against the field itself.
      3. I want to be able to rank them based on the contribution % , using it as a calculated field. Also I want the grand totals to be only for that top N / bottom N /remaining tables.
      4. One of my friends has found a work around for this by adding the calculated field in the backend data itself. But that doesn’t help my cause.

      Did I miss out some steps in between or there are other ways to go about this? Please do reply if there is a way to achieve this.