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    When using IsMemberOf() question

      I have a set of dashboards that depending on the user has different filter combinations. I am currently doing this using IsMemberOf() capability.


      Now I have been told that there will be some users who will belong to multiple groups (their own view and a region view for example).


      Is there a way to query for what group they want to see and then pass that to all the other dashboards in their set so it will use the same information ?


      I am thinking that I will need to change all my sub-dashboards to use a parameter that gets set in the main dashboard. Possibly have it pre-populated based on the groups they belong to (they would have to choose), but if they only belong to one group then it shouldn't prompt them.


      Currently I have no idea on if this will work (or how to do it), so all comments / suggestions are welcomed.



      Currently using v6.1.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Robert,


          I think that a parameter is what is going to be needed here for the user who belongs to multiple groups to choose which values they want to see. However, this parameter control will show for all users, but when they toggle through it, nothing will change unless they belong to a different group.


          So for example, there are 3 groups, Group A, Group B, and Group C


          Group A:          Group B:               Group C:

          John                 Jane                      Jane

          Jim                   Jill                          Jack

          Jill                     Will                        Jerry


          Then, there are three calculations created for Category.


          Technology Calc

          If ismemberof('Group A') then (if [Category]='Technology' then 'Technology' end) end


          Furniture Calc

          If ismemberof('Group B') then (if [Category]='Furniture' then 'Furniture' end) end


          Office Supplies Calc

          If ismemberof('Group C') then (if [Category]='Office Supplies' then 'Office Supplies' end) end


          So, according to this setup/calculations, Jill should be able to see Technology and Furniture. Jane should be able to see the data for Furniture and Office Supplies. Create a string parameter listing Furniture, Office Supplies and Technology. Then, create a calculation that uses this parameter:


          case [Category Parameter]

          when 'Technology' then 'Technology Calc'

          when 'Furniture' then 'Furniture Calc'

          when 'Office Supplies' then 'Office Supplies Calc' end


          Then, place this on the filter shelf, check the Exclude box, as well as the null box. Then, show the Parameter control. When Jill or Jane are logged in, they will be able to toggle through to their desired views. However, when someone who only belongs to one group, changing the parameter control will have no effect. I hope this helps/makes sense!