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    creating maps with 2 points

    Gregg Thomas

      I would like to create a map that has a mark for a store location, and then the clients that it sells to.  I've tried duplicating the latitude and creating dual axis/multiple mark cards...but that only allows me to color or shape code the clients by the stores (so all clients that store 1 sold to are in blue, for example). 


      I would like to have an actual mark on the map for store 1, and then see all the clients store 1 sells to.  Is this possible?  Do we need to create our own map images for layers and add them in? 


      Hopefully i'm explaining this okay? 

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Gregg, I just add this map example this weekend: http://community.tableau.com/thread/116364 It uses multiple custom shapes to show different outdoor board locations. Then I used the page shelf to show changes through time. I'm sure you could adapt this to showing a different shape for Store 1 and then different shapes for clients they sell to. Assuming there is more than 1 store you can then use the page shelf to display the connections for each of those stores. It's not that hard to set up once you have all your lats/longs. If you have questions, or need help setting it up let me know.