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    Sorting Measure Value In Crosstab

    Vaibhav Goel



      I want to do sorting on measure value in a Tableau report, there is option to do that but the final sorting doesn't happen in expected way.





      Above example is from Tableau public, where we try to sort the Spending on "1" (column no 3 from left) in descending order, however result seems to be unexpected. please refer attached Image.


      Please suggest how we can do sorting measure value in cross tab reports.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Vaibhav,


          The sort is based on all the data in the entire table. Therefore, even when the sort is placed just on "1", it is looking at the entire column. Health Services has the highest value for Spending under President Obama, then Treasury and SSA  (also for Obama). Since the President field has a manual sort of placing the Presidents in the desired order making it a little more difficult to see. By filtering out Obama, Clinton is sorted correctly. Hope this helps!