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    Hiding data & filtering data to hide

    Amy Song

      Hi there,

      I have a two part question and hope this is the correct place for it.  I'm interested in hidden data...


      First relates to hiding certain time periods.  In the example 1 of the attachment, I would like to hide the January 2011 and Feb 2012 data.  If I right click and hide a month, it hides it in both years.  If I filter on month/year it messes up my table calculation.  What is the solution here?  I already have hidden 2010 data (necessary in the view for the y/y calculation).


      In the second example, is there an ability to adjust which ones are hidden/shown?  For example if I want to show something that I have previously hidden, is there an option to only reshow that one airline?  Right now you can right clicke unhide data but then it unhides everything.  I want to pick and choose (essentially filter) what I want hidden.  It would be a matter of hiding and not using the actual filter functionality since I want the grand total to remain the total of all airlines.


      Thanks if you can help!