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    Using sheet selection on a dashboard as a filter

      Sorry if the title is not very clear..

      Basically what I'm trying to do is change, say, a trendline depending upon 'which' worksheet on the dashboard I am clicking.

      I know I can pull a worksheet and make it work like a filter on the dashboard, but can I decide on the interactivity on 'worksheet' selection/click on the dashboard?


      For instance, say I have 3 different worksheets which have one table each containing data for 3 different variables that've been pulled on the dashboard and I have another sheet with the trendlines of the variables. Now I want the trendline to change on the basis of the worksheet I click on..that is the trendline should decide the variable to show on the basis of the worksheet I have selected.


      I can put in the logic of the variable being picked up but dont know if I can have an action that stores info about which worksheet is selected.

      Please help.