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    Getting Total Count and portion of Count in the same chart

    Bruno Vais


      I have a spreadsheet that looks like this (it tracks books in a store)

      Book NameDate inIn store
      Game of Thrones1/1/2012y
      Ender's Game1/1/2012n
      Speaker for the Dead1/1/2012n
      Game of Thrones1/2/2012y
      Ender's Game1/2/2012y
      Speaker for the Dead1/2/2012n
      Game of Thrones1/3/2012n
      Ender's Game1/3/2012n
      Speaker for the Dead1/3/2012y
      Game of Thrones1/4/2012y
      Ender's Game1/4/2012y
      Speaker for the Dead1/4/2012y
      Game of Thrones1/5/2012n
      Ender's Game1/5/2012n
      Speaker for the Dead1/5/2012y
      Game of Thrones1/6/2012n
      Ender's Game1/6/2012y
      Speaker for the Dead1/6/2012n


      I'm trying to build a bar chart that displays the total number of books by day and the number of books in store in the same chart, like this (drew this in Paintbrush). Blue is total # of books, green is number of books in store


      How can I do this?