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    Change Measure field to Dimension field

      I created a calculated field, average number of promotions per person, it has numeric values and automatically shows up in the Measure field list. However, I would like to use it as a Dimension, but not able to drag and drop it to the Dimension field list. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? Thanks!

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          Jonathan Drummey

          From what I remember, Tableau won't let you put an aggregate measure on the Dimension shelf. However, you can always set that measure to be Discrete (vs. Continuous) and Tableau will happily use that discrete measure to create headers like it does for most all dimensions. You can make that change in the data window or when the measure has been dragged into a view.


          Tableau doesn't seem to look at the Dimension/Measure so much in creating a view, instead looking at whether the values are Discrete (blue pill) or Continuous (green pill). Discrete values create headers, continuous values create axes.