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    shilpa g

      Hi Folks,

      I m new to tableau and in the phase of learning and exploring.


      I have two datetime fileds,

      1. Prev_update_time

      2. update_time


      i want to calculate the difference between these two fields. I tried to use datetime func using

      datetime(prev_update_time) - datetime(update_time)


      looks like this gives wrong results when seen.


      please help!


      Thanks much.

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          Jun Kim



          You might want to try using the DATEDIFF Function:


          DateDiff('hour', [Prev_update_time], [update_time])


          you can change the bold to the level of time you want the difference for.  There are other options for calculating the difference between 2 datetime fields. 


          It might help, if you could tell us what format your fields are in and what result you expect after finding the difference.




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            shilpa g

            Thank you so much for your reply.

            The two columns in datetime data type are as below.


            01/01/2012 1:55:45

            01/01/2012 1:40:20


            when i subtract these two datetime fileds it gives me a floating point number like 0.010 (not an exact value)


            the requirement is to show the in terms of days, hrs , min and seconds... like 0 days, 0 hrs , 10 min and 25 secs.


            Please let me know . Thanks

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              shilpa g


              I am able to achieve the result in the required format by using datediff func and then concatenating the calulated fileds,


              I m finding the result in this format



              I mite need to convert in 12 hr and 60 min format. Also a hypen - appears though i have nt hardcoded it.


              Please help