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    Access to specific site using trusted authentication

    Sai Buddhavarapu

      We are in the process of setting up trusted authentication and everything seems to work fine for the default site.  We are not able to figure out how to directly load a view that is part of a site within the tableau server.


      Once you have the ticket, how do we pass the site in the URL?


      for e.g. the view I am interested in is /t/Demo/views/reports/sales


      I have tried

      http://<tab server>/trusted/<unique_id>/t/Demo/views/reports/sales

      http://<tab server>/trusted/t/Demo/<unique_id>/views/reports/sales

      http://<tab server>/trusted/<unique_id>/views/reports/sales?:site_root=/t/Demo


      Any idea on how to build a URL that will directly load a view within a site?


      Thank you.