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    Why are Quick Filters that look fine on Desktop getting compressed to one line on Server?

    Joshua Milligan

      I've got an issue where quick filters that look fine in Desktop (6.1) are getting smashed/squished/compressed into a single line when viewed on Server (6.1).  This is happening a couple of different types of filters.  You can see an example by comparing the two attached screenshots.


      I've tried re-arranging and re-sizing the cards and occassionally when I publish the workbook, a view or two in the workbook will look right.  But I've got about 8 views, each with similar quick filters, and even if 1 or 2 end up looking right, the rest don't.  This is actually a new issue as I had been working with this workbook and not noticed the issue until the last day or two.  I've only been making very minor changes.


      Has anyone else had this issue?  Any hints as to how to fix it or what is causing it?