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    Tableau Server MS Access Refresh

    Alan Kwan

      Hi there,


      I am fresh to the Tableau Server and therefore might have a very simple question here. I have a workbook that connects to a MS access database and I published the workbook to the server.


      I want the workbook to refresh everyday, so I scheduled it to refresh daily. However, the data isn't refreshing.


      I created a data extract within the workbook on the access file, then I published it again, scheduled a refreshing, it isn't refreshing.


      My question is, can someone show me the full procedures to uploading a workbook that is using an access file, to properly refresh?




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          Have you ever seen the background tasks view in tableau server? As administrator you can go to Administration-> maintenance -> background tasks to see how the refresh operations went. From there you have hover over any operation to see its status and any error messages.


          One thing that comes to mind. Have you installed the latest MS Access driver on your server? You can download it from here: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/drivers



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            Alan Kwan



            Thanks for your reply. I downloaded the driver and manually did the refresh on the server, still no luck.


            I looked at the error messages, it gave me this:


            com.tableausoftware.vizql.dll.DataSourceException: Database error 0x80004005: The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file 'C:\Documents and Settings\x\My Documents\Trial.accdb'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view and write its data.
            Unable to connect to the Microsoft Access database "C:\Documents and Settings\x\My Documents\Trial.accdb". Check that the path is correct and that you have access privileges for the requested file.


            My access file is closed, and I have no clue how to solve the permission issue.



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              You need to have the access file placed in a location that the server can access. Tableau does not published the actual access database to the server, just the extract.


              Tableau Server is looking the location "C:\Documents and Settings\x\My Documents\Trial.accdb" on the server, not on your machine.


              You should create a share drive on the server to a driver letter (like Z:\) and then map the same drive to your desktop (also to Z:\) then both your computer and the server will both be looking at the same file "Z:\Trial.accdb"


              Make Sense?

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                Alan Kwan

                Makes sense but the only problem is, I am currently running the Server on my local machine. I am guessing Tableau Server should be able to identify the source?


                One thing that came to my mind is that my OS is Windows XP, I read somewhere that the server doesn't support XP, so I don't know if that plays into anything.

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                  Oh okay, you have tableau desktop and server installed on the same machine.


                  It might be an issue with XP. It probably has more to do with the fact that the Documents and Settings folder has more secure permissions on it. Try moving the access database to the root of the C:\ drive so that its located "C:\Trail.accdb"

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                    Alan Kwan

                    It works!! Thanks Michael!


                    The reason things didn't work out was because Tableau couldn't access the Documents and Settings folder. All I did was moved the file to C:\ drive and things started updating.


                    I have another question, I have queries in my access file, and if I publish the workbook, will the workbook run its connection to the access file and run the queries within? I don't want to manually refresh the access file all the time then refresh the data source on the server.


                    Many Thanks!!!