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    Favorite Viz of All Time (or the best you've seen lately)?

      No community discussion is complete without a thread voting for the best viz of all time!  What's your favorite viz and why? It can be a Tableau viz or another kind. Here is one of my favorites. 


      The Guardian's Riot Rumors viz is my favorite, because of its use of images, animation and the sheer scope of the analysis and work they did to uncover how they twitter rumors spread.  The first page uses engaging photos to make selecting a rumor more fun and engaging.


      After you've selected a rumor, the second page gives you a timeline of how the rumor played out on Twitter.  If you click play, the bubbles of the tweets, get bigger and change color as the reach of the rumor grows and whether or not the tweet was in support of the rumor or not.  So cool!


      The only thing I find more impressive than the end product is the teamwork that went in to creating it.


      That's my favorite.  What's yours?

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