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    Jeremy Christman

      I know that Tableau has the ability to Trellis by putting things on row and columns. But, sometimes there is a need to trellis by just saying I would like a max of 4 columns. Thus, what I am asking is to only be able to put a parsing variable in the row or column then put a limit as to how many ideas in a row or column. This is something that can be easily done in Spotfire and just wanted to know if this a feature Tableau would offer in the future? An example of this is say that I have data from the 50 states and would like to show them on the screen at the same time. Obviously I would not want 1 column and 50 rows. I would prefer it to be something like 5X10. One can do this manually but that is not helpful when you are trying to do something interactively in a meeting or may not know this prior to exploration. And from Now You See It by Stephen Few, it is obvious that  Trellis is a must have.