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    Conditionally concatenate '%' to a SSIS cube dimension

    Anisha Nair



      I'm new to Tableau and got struck in this conditional formatting issues over a period of time. Expecting some supports from you guys


      Problem Statement:


      We have SSAS OLAP cube as our data source, in a scenario we need our dimension to be conditionally concatenated with a '%' symbol (Please find the attached Screenshot-1 for clarifications).


      The Screenshot-1 illustrates an example in which:

      We want data for ‘P%’ to always be displayed in ‘%’ value i.e 8%, 2%...., 189.76%, 105.69%....25%, 6%...etc. as you can see, for Measure Name DEF, the values are displayed in % by default from the Cube.


      Note : In the attached screenshot,

      1. Measure Names, Calculation and Week Ending are from the Dimension section

      2. ‘ABC’, ‘DEF’ and ‘GHI’ are values in Measure Names. And ‘A’, ‘K’, ‘P%’ are values of Calculation field.

      Similarly, we need our concatenated data to be displayed in different colors based on some range of values


      for e.g.

      We want data for ‘P%’ to always be displayed in different colors based on different values. E.g For all P% > 0 , Green color, P% < 0 to -10, Red Color…etc



      We used the formulae, color and legend options to achieve this. However, our solution applies color formatting to all values of Calculations and not just ‘P%’.


      In short: How can we restrict the % display to only ‘P %’