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    Website View Not Consistent With Tableau Desktop

      I've developed a number of worksheets that are basically spreadsheets that are laid out in this manner:


      Part Number > Build Date > Plant > Supplier > Status > Etc.


      In Tableau Desktop these are all input as rows so you get a Part Number on the left and then by the time you get to the right side of the spreadsheet you have multiple listings for the right side columns like the Supplier and Status, for some Part Numbers you can have as many as several hundred listings. Because of this you obviously have to scroll down to see all of the listings for each Part Number, but each Part Number itself is only listed once. In Tableau Desktop, the Part Number will float along the top in its assigned column as you scroll down so if you are looking at the 200th record for a certain Part Number, you can still just look to the left and see the Part Number. The website view does not float the Part Number however, so as soon as you start scrolling down you can no longer see the Part Number unless you scroll back up to it. Is this intended behavior? Is there a way I can get the left most fields to float the last piece of data that was in it as you scroll down a long list?