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    Colour coding of data points

    Leah Macfadyen

      I've just upgraded to 7.0, and am now having a strange problem using a dashboard that is actually a reporting template. The new problem appears to be that v 7.0 is being 'too clever', and deciding to apply the same colour palette across all my charts, even though I have manually edited them to be different.


      In essence, I have four separate charts, each a scatter plot of data from a different year. The 'names' of these data points are shared from year to year (they're actually course codes, reflecting the same course offered year after year, but receiving different evaluation scores each year. For each chart, I have, in the past, been able to set colours by 'course name', and then manually edit the colour scheme for each chart, so that different data points can be highlighted each year.


      Now, if I, say, highlight the data point for the course named ENGL 123 to be coloured in red in the 2008 scatter plot, Tableau is somehow automatically adding this colour code rule to all of my other charts, too. Very frustrating! Is there any way around this?