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    "display as" parameters in URL actions

    Anthony Chamberas

      I have a list parameter in a workbook that offers "Gross" or "Net".  I have the "Display As" set up to be "Gross" and "Net", and the "Values" to be "G" and "N".  I use this parameter in several calculations, referencing the "Value" (G or N) and it works fine.


      I need to pass the current parameter selection to JReport using a URL action, but when I pass the parameter to URL, it is passing the "Display As" value (Gross or Net) not the VALUE (G or N).  JReport needs to take G or N, not Gross or Net.  Is there a way to force the URL action to use "Value" rather than "Display As"?  URL Encode Data Values does not work.


      I am using V6.0.