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    Sort the Date Ascending and Descending Order in the WorkSheet

    Abdus Saboor Ahmad


      i want to ask about the Date Ascending and descending order means

      using Columns names in 1 parameter and ascending/descending options in 2nd parameter after that create a calculated field in which is like

      Case [sort by column name]

      when "A1"then

      if [sort order by]=" ascending" then Sum(MONTH(DATE("1 "+[Month]))*10000+YEAR(DATE("1 "+[Month])) ) else -Sum(MONTH(DATE("1 "+[Month]))*10000+YEAR(DATE("1 "+[Month]))) End




      Ascend as

      jan 1,2011



      dec 31,2010

      whereas descend as

      dec 21,2010


      jan 01,2011


      any solutions as above not working not sort Month,day,year wise sorting on the Month,Day,Period of Calendar,

      reply me @ asa.i060436@gmail.com as well