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    Edit Locations shows "Matching Location" as "ambiguous" in 7.0, what does that mean?

    christina faul

      I upgraded to 7.0 today and now some of my maps are not correct.


      I have path (hub and spoke) maps that show shipments from origins in US and Canada to the desto, also can be in US or Canada.  All the zip/postal codes were assigned and worked correctly in 6.1.  After the install of 7.0, 54 US Zip Codes are showing at null island (0,0).  I checked Map->Edit Locations, the "Matching Location" says "Ambiguous".  I know how to import custom geo codes to assign the "Unrecognized" locations but I'm stumped as to why "Ambiguous" is showing for US codes.  I tried adding Country Origin and Country Desto but it causes the default country to change.  I know this is to be set at "none" so the lines will cross country borders.  I've attached an image.


      What does “ambiguous” mean for this case? And how do I get this to register these are US Lat/Long codes built into Tableau?



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          Richard Leeke

          The issue is that those zip codes also exist as valid zip/postal codes for some other country.  So 27107 exists in France, for example.


          So you need a "ShipCountry" field with a geographic role of country on your level of detail in order to resolve the ambiguity.  You can't just set the location globally because you have two counties involved.  If you don't have country in your data source, you might be able to create a calculated field based on the format of the zip/postal codes.


          It's possible that adding country to the view may stop the lines from displaying for shipments between US and Canada, though (I always struggle with the Path shelf).