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    Grand total for Calculation which uses ATTR

    Miroslav Umlauf

      Hi all, attached is an excercise workbook (i'm playing with JOINS :-)) I want to Grand Total a Calculation1 which is using ATTR as there there are aggregated and non-aggregated fields.

      Now as you can see I am getting asterisk.

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          Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood



          You'll have to export and attach a twbx packaged workbook for anyone to have a look.


          If you're getting an asterisk it means you're mixing different dimension values for the same ATTR - so it just gives you * rather than your dim value.


          To get around this - make your ATTR more granular - lower in the hierarchy of dims or choose a different dim. Or, there might be room to do a data blend, but aggregations become a bit problematic there. Short answer - we need a packaged file to assist you!