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    Microsoft Analysis Services Cube - Server Field

    Ian Waring

      I've got V7 running and am convinced you've done something to make the traversing of Microsoft Analysis cubes more resilient than on V6.x - i've been able to get data without missing indices, hangs etc all morning. Very impressed so far.


      However, there is one measures field dished out of the cube that's of the format 4d3h40m - ie: 4 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes of working hours time. It says it's a Server derived field but is attempting to drag it out as a number rather than a string - and not getting very far. Any ideas how I make it come out properly?

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          Ian Waring

          Just found out that the number that is output to Tableau is an integer of "working minutes", whereas the OLAP access via Excel returns the field in the format of days, hours and minutes (assuming an 8.5 hour day). So in the event, I can easily do a calculated field if I wanted the data in the same format. So, call closed I think - and back to the delights of V7 :-)