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    Ignoring the Order Along in an Advanced Table Calc

    Andrew Watson

      I'm trying to replicate a trellis chart in tableau 6.0 (my company isn't upgrading yet) similar to the one at this thread: http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/forum/topic/trellis-plots


      I know Tableau 6.0 doesn't support the modular % arithmetic which is essential but I've found a work-around for that. My problem is coming with the Index function. I'm trying to have the Index sorted by the alphabetic ProductCode - which works fine until i drag the year into the equation as not all products have an entry for each year. This causes the index to recompute for each year which I don't want to happen.


      I thought by setting the Index to compute using the ProductCode and the Year, At The Level of ProductCode would force Tableau to only index by the product but it seems this isn't the case - and also having an enforced Order Along where the alphabetic ProductCode isn't a sort option is also returning an unwanted order in the index. I've tried a few variations on the Order Along and none providing what I need and unfortunately Ignore isn't an allowed option.


      Does anyone know how to force the Index to be consistent regardless of the year and only number according to the alphabetic product code?


      I've attached a screen shot of my table calculation.