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    Conditional URL Link

    Steve Uno

      I have a dashboard with three worksheets.  The first worksheet shows cost by category (Inpatient, Outpatient, Professional, and Pharmacy) using a bar graph.  When you click on the category, it filters the second worksheet which shows the type of service received within each category.  i.e. if you click on Professional, you will see "office visit", "specialist visit", "nurse consultation"..., etc.  When you click on Pharmacy, you will see a list of top 25 drugs by name.  I have set up a URL action to search Medicinenet.com for the name of the drug so that if you right click on the drug, the action with say "Get more information on IBUPROPHEN", if Ibuprophen were the data in the field.  However I want to restrict this search to fields only when the worksheet is filtered by Pharmacy.  In other words, if the filter is Professional, I do not want a URL option available that says "Get more information on OFFICE VISITS"  Is there a way to enable the URL action only when the filter is set to Pharmacy?