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    replicating pivot tables in Tableau

    Fabio Annovazzi



      I am new to tableau.


      I have an Excel sheet in which, every line has the number of fans of a certain Facebook page on a certain day. In total I have about 700 pages. Data is updated every day, but since the list of pages gets updated over time, different pages might have a different number of data points.


      My problem is that I want to aggregate these pages, for instance, by type (example all soft drink pages), and find out how many fans, on average, the soft drink category has had over a given period.


      If I use the "average" function I get the average size of a single page of the soft drinks category (Tableau averages by number of pages and by number of days in which the data was collected), while if I use the sum function of course I get the sum of all the days, which is way to much. I would need to divide that total by the number of days of data I have for each category, but how.


      On Excel I build an intermediary pivot table (and of course loose the detail of the day).


      Thanks so much