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    Suggestions on Tableau Training

    Bharani Kuppuswamy

      Dear All,


      Curently my line of work is DataWarehousing-ETL Designer using IBM Websphere DataStage. I am planning to learn Tableau. Before taking a training(I am paying it), I need few suggestions regarding below.

      1) Is Tableau software only for Sales & Marketing professionals ?

      2) How good is Tableau job market in Australia ?


      If these is not the right forum for above questions, I am sorry.


      Thanks, BK

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          Tableau is for anyone who analyses data, not only sales and marketing. Tableau can also publish the analysis, keep it interactive and up-to-date.


          As for job market in Australia, you can probably find a few ads, but I think Tableau is not as widespread (yet) as major BI tools. My quick test search on mycareer.com.au did not return any results.