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    Tabcmd login error

    Pankaj Singh



      Issue:- I am not able to login on tableau server with the same syntax. and i am valid user of that tableau server(tested by web browser).

      Syntax  C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd>tabcmd.exe login -s http://thescore.office.aol.com/ -u pankajks00 -p ********


      Error message:- " *** undefined method `elements' for nil:NilClass"


      But i used same syntax to login on different Tableau server and i logged in  successfully.

      C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd>tabcmd.exe login -s http://aolsearch.office.aol.com/ -u pankajks00 -p ********


      I have also attached tabcmd screenshot what i have tested.


      So please do let me know.




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Pankaj -


          Here's a guess for you: I see you using an instance of TabCmd in C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd. tsi.portal is a "test platform" often distributed by support for testing things like Trusted Tickets, and it is version 6.0 or older. I've had problems using this version of TabCmd to hit newer versions of Tableau Server (6.1+), regarldess of syntax.


          By chance are you running different versions of Tableau Server on thescore.office.aol.com and aolsearch.office.aol.com? I'd bet you are, that aolsearch happens to be the same version as what you have in your tsi.portal folder.


          Try copying tabcmd from the server you're having problems connecting to, along with the following support files:



          iconv.dll libeay32.dll



          Drop these into a different folder and see if you can use them to connect to the box in question. Bet you it'll work.