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    Tableau 7 Beta Feedback: Maps

    . glinkot



      Sorry if there's a special beta forum - I couldn't see one but feel free to move this.


      Some comments on the Tableau 7 Maps:


      - Per my feedback for Beta 6, I can't see a way to 'numerically' enter the position and zoom level of the map.  It must be stored in there somewhere, we just need a dialog to edit it!  This would make it so much easier to align make different types of map you're assembling into a presentation.  Perhaps I can edit it in the tableau files as a temporary hack?

      - The new navigation tools don't seem as easy to use.  In particular, I can't find the 'hand' style panning tool - it's in select mode all the time.  How do I select pan mode?

      - When using Australian data, selection of any element on the 'Map Options' pane which doesn't exist for that area (eg Area code labels) causes the map to be replaced by the hourglass symbols indefinitely, until the option is unselected.  Not sure if this is the desired behaviour.

      - 'About tableau maps' seems to be baked into any copied image.  This shouldn't be mandatory - is there any way to remove it?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi glinkot, I can answer a couple of your questions:


          Shift key will give you the hand cursor. Also if you click and hold for a second you'll also get the hand (NOT my favorite feature).


          I asked my rep about the 'About Tableau...' The answer is no you can't remove it. I'm guessing it has something to do with their contract with the company that provides the maps.



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            . glinkot

            Thanks for the 'hand' advice!  that does the trick.


            Yes, the caption at the bottom was never there in V6 and the maps were the same, so it should definitely be removable in my opinion.  I guess I'll use V6 until that's resolved.


            Thanks Shawn

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Hmmm, I run 6.1.5 and I still get the watermark. Which version of 6 are you running? And if you ever find a way to turn it off please let me know. I have a dashboard with 12 maps and the watermark is on every single one of them (a bit of overkill).

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                Richard Leeke

                Offline maps don't have the watermark, online ones do.  Maybe you were looking at a v6 workbook with offline maps?

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                  . glinkot

                  Thanks guys.  I'm running the Tableau 7 Beta from a couple of weeks ago, offline.  Perhaps it's a beta thing?  The thing I'm referring to is an 'about tableau maps' notice at the bottom left.  When you copy the image, it appears.  It was a workbook created in V7.

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                    Richard Leeke

                    Hmmm - I'm on beta 10 (7000.11.1227.0000) and I only see that with online maps.  I don't see it offline, even when I copy the image.

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                      . glinkot

                      Hmm, I'm on a slightly earlier build by the look of it (7000.11.1211.2311).  I'm on the Professional edition of Tableau Desktop, per the screenshot.  I haven't logged into the server (I have a licence but don't use that).  And I haven't done anything with Tableau public.


                      It persists when copying the image, also.

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                        guest contributor

                        Sorry if this has already been asked somethwere, but doesn anyone know if 7.0 will have filled maps available at the zip code level?  The beta version only allows it down to the county level, but I've seen some info showing zip code coloring.  Thanks.

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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          Hi Christine, 7.0 most definitely has filled maps available at the zip code level (at least in the US), and they're great! (See attached.)



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                            Shawn Wallwork

                            Ooops, that was county. Here's zip code.

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                              guest contributor

                              Thanks Shawn, that's going to make my job much easier.

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                                guest contributor

                                Shawn - I have a couple other wishlist items I'm wondering about for 7.0.  Can you comment?


                                I'd like to place marks on top of filled maps (think county level filled maps of current customers with store location mark overlays). 


                                I also need to create filled maps at the PUMA (public use microdata area) level by state.  Joe Mako outlined a work around for earlier versions of Tableau, but it's timely and requires other software (but man that guy is smart!).  Assuming PUMAs won't be an automatic choice for filled maps, will anything about the process to create/import customized change in 7.0?  If not, any suggestions where I might find state level PUMA shape files in a format suitable for Tableau (the shape files are easy to find, it's formatting them for Tableau that's difficult).


                                Thanks so much for your help!

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                                  Shawn Wallwork

                                  Christine, I'll answer what I can:


                                  Yes Joe is incredibly intelligent, especially about Tableau. Here's his video tutorial explaining double dual-axis maps, which is what you're describing:




                                  I haven't tried this in 7.0, and it may not work with filled maps, but if it does it will be a bit easier because Tableau will generate the zip code shape file, so you'll only need lat/long for your stores.


                                  A quick and easy way to get multiple layers of data on a map is to create one layer, say filled zips, take a screen shot of it then use it as a map background image. In the attached file the filled zips are static, the two circles are dynamic (thanks to Richard Leeke, another really smart Tableau guy). If you decide to use this technique let me know, I've worked out a few short-cuts you might be interested in.


                                  I don't know anything about PUMAs. Maybe some of the other folks can speak to this.



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                                    Richard Leeke

                                    Good question about the multiple mark types.  I knew you could do what you want if everything was geocoded, I didn't think you'd be able to if the store location lat/lon was directly in your data.  But I just had a play with the beta and it turns out it works either way.  So you will either be able to include store coordinates in your data source or just have store IDs of some sort and use custom geocoding to derive the locations.


                                    I've attached a simple example showing what you can do.  My data had the locations of Tableau's offices in Seattle and Mount Hood in Oregon, like this:




                                    USA,Washington,Seattle,Tableau Offices,47.6481,-122.354

                                    USA,Oregon,Portland,Mount Hood,45.3518,-121.786


                                    The two images show the locations of Seattle and Portland (using geocoding) and also the locations of the specific places (using the lat/lon in the data source).  Both are overlaid on the filled map of Washington and Oregon (which uses geocoding).  There's currently no supported way of getting filled areas other than the built-in ones.


                                    I've also attached the version 7 workbook so those on the beta (and very shortly everyone else, I believe) can see what you have to do.



                                    Shawn: I think this means you should be able to do circles on top of filled maps completely dynamically.  Give it a go and report back.  ;-)

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