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    Tableau 7 Beta Feedback: Maps

    . glinkot



      Sorry if there's a special beta forum - I couldn't see one but feel free to move this.


      Some comments on the Tableau 7 Maps:


      - Per my feedback for Beta 6, I can't see a way to 'numerically' enter the position and zoom level of the map.  It must be stored in there somewhere, we just need a dialog to edit it!  This would make it so much easier to align make different types of map you're assembling into a presentation.  Perhaps I can edit it in the tableau files as a temporary hack?

      - The new navigation tools don't seem as easy to use.  In particular, I can't find the 'hand' style panning tool - it's in select mode all the time.  How do I select pan mode?

      - When using Australian data, selection of any element on the 'Map Options' pane which doesn't exist for that area (eg Area code labels) causes the map to be replaced by the hourglass symbols indefinitely, until the option is unselected.  Not sure if this is the desired behaviour.

      - 'About tableau maps' seems to be baked into any copied image.  This shouldn't be mandatory - is there any way to remove it?