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    Question - Calculated Field formatting

    . Tableautester

      Is there a way to format the display of different fields in a calculated field that combines multiple fields?


      For example I have a calculated field with the following code:

      "Cts: " + str(sum([MyDatabaseTableColumn]) )+ "PercentOfTotal: " + str( sum([MyDatabaseTableColumn]) / TOTAL( sum([MyDatabaseTableColumn]) ))


      Using this calculated field on the Text Shelf gives the following result:

      Cts: 1234 PercentOfTotal: 0.123456789


      I would like the calculated field to give me the following display format:

      Cts: 1,234 PercentOfTotal: 12.3457%


      Also is it possible to change the format of the built in Tableau calculations when I use multiple built in Tableau calculations in the same calculated field?