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    How to create Cascaded filters ?




      I have a dimension 'Source'and a parameter '[Select DATA]'.There are 2 diferent source values for dimension and 25 different data values in the parameter.For source 'A' there are 22 relevant data values in the parameter and for source 'B' there are 21 relevant data values in the parameter.Out of the total 25 data values of the parameter some are not applicable to source A and some are not applicable to source B.Now I want a filter in my dashboard based on 'Source' and parameter '[Select DATA]'.If user clicks on source filter and click on value 'A' then the parameter [Select DATA] should show only 22 data value which are relevent to data source 'A'and now user should be able to filter the dashboard based on the data value he selects from the parameter [Select Data].Similarly for source value'B' also.I am not able to decide how to approach to this problem.

      Your help is highly appreciated.



      Ritesh Kumar