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    Survey Viz - Issues with Reference Lines in Bar Charts and Mark Size based on Number of Records

    Steven Hayhurst

      BACKGROUNDI have a data set for a survey that was conducted. Participants answered the questions by providing an integer value from 1 to 5. GOALI’d like to create one of two visualizations

      1. A bar chart that shows the average value for each question as well as two reference lines—one for the minimum value recorded for the question, and one for the maximum value recorded for the question.
      2. A chart that shows a mark for each value recorded for the survey, with the size of the mark determined by the number of records that have that value. The chart should also show a reference line for the average value of responses.

      I also do not want to have to pre-calculate any values (e.g. averages, etc.) in my data source. PROBLEMS WITH GOAL 1The minimum and maximum values in the reference lines always equal the average value; they do not show the minimum and maximum values reported for that question in the survey. PROBLEMS WITH GOAL 2The size of the marks does not change even when I place ‘Number of Records’ on the size shelf. ATTACHED FILESI've included a packaged with sample data, as well as screenshots illustrating the issues with the visualizations I've attempted to build. Thanks for your help with this!