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    Calculated Field (comma delimited String)

    Steve  Hammond

      I am trying to create a comma delimited calculated field from a list of strings on Tableau Desktop.


      For example....


      Sample field






      Calculated Field



      This may be an easy operation but i'm finding it difficult to pull off.

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          Richard Leeke

          As you are trying to combine values from multiple rows you'll need to use table calculations, which can be a bit tricky.


          For your sample data you would need an expression like this:


          PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + IIF(INDEX()==1,"",",") + ATTR([Sample field])


          Then you will need to ensure that you have the correct level of detail returned on your view and set the partitioning appropriately.


          Have a read about table calculations and if you get stuck, post a sample workbook showing how far you've got.