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    Calculated Field not subtotalling correctly

      I am trying to get an accurate count of products for each customer. The most granular field I have is product name but some product names are actually a grouping of multiple products. I have a list of which product names reference multiple products and want to use it to help solve this issue.


      My calculated field currently looks like this:


      if [Product Name]="ABC"

      then 4

      elseif [Product Name]="XYZ"

      then 3

      elseif [Product Name]="DEF"

      then 3

      elseif [Product Name]="QRS"

      then 2

      else 1



      When the product name field is in my visualization I get the correct product count, but when it is aggregated up in any way (sub-total, pulling the field out, etc.) it fails to total correctly. I am looking to get a total of 12 in this example, but am instead getting 4.


      Any ideas?