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    Label Cumulative Distribution

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      I have a cumulative distribution plot and I am having trouble labeling the data.  On the Y-Axis, I don't have a problem adding reference lines at specific percentage intervals (Eg; 10%, 20%, 30%).


      What I was looking for was the ability to add a computation to the label such that the label would show the following automatically:

      At the 90% of Profit Mark:  "10% of Profit is derived from 37% of Goods"

      At the 80% of Profit Mark:  "20% of Profit is derived from 55% of Goods"


      I've added a snapshot based on manual labeling of the text field.  I'd like to avoid having to label each 10% region and was wondering if there was an automatic way of doing this.




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          Although I managed to hack a solution, I personally think that it wouldn't be worth the effort, i.e. it would have been quicker and easier to manually add reference lines.

          Not knowing the logic for calculating the % of Goods for each % of Profit, I just used a fitted trend line regression equation, but this would change if the data changes. I don't see an easy way to come up with a universal formula for this - it sounds like something that requires a PHD in Statistics.

          In addition, the hack requires a bunch of table calculations, some tricky formatting, etc.. In other words, it is too much work.