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    Publishing a data source - what meta data is also saved?

      I'm looking for a clear statement of what we should expect to be saved from a data source defined in desktop when published on the data server.

      For example (in beta 9), I have a very small summary table created by some upstream processes and saved to mySQL. Building the data source in desktop and then publishing to server, I see:


      These changes are retained on data server:

      * renaming measures and dimensions with more user friendly names (using "#", "%" in names instead of spelling out)

      * changed columns that came in as alpha dimensions to numeric measures

      * added calculated measure


      These changes were not retained:

      * manual sort of levels in dimensions to what makes sense for end user (ie maintaining order of ordered categorical variables, like manual bins)

      * manual assignment of colors to dimension levels (ie we like to color our product language consistently across all reports)


      The last two are examples of a class of data source properties which will help enable consistent reporting conventions across the organization.


      Best, Jim