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    Plotting two dimension values on x and y axis for a scatter plot

    David Peeples

      I have a db with tons of records. Each record contains a name and a status (A-Z). The names are not unique to a record. I want to create a scatter plot that shows records in which occurrences of 'A' status are plotted against the y axis and occurrences of 'B' status are plotted against the x axis. I want the names to represent the points on the graph. This should be very simply but i am having difficulty figuring out how to graph the different values within the dimension. My data looks like this:


      Last, First, Status

      Smith, John, A

      Bird, Larry, B

      Bird, Larry, A

      Smith, John, A

      Jordan, Michael, A

      Jordan, Michael, B


      My data contains many other field to include unique record numbers, but the fields representative of what i am interested in are listed above. I'm eager to hear any suggestions.


      thanks much in advance.